Are you noticing some unwelcome residents in your home? Perhaps you’ve been seeing baby cockroaches, or are dealing with mosquitos around the entrance of your home.

It may be time to schedule a pest control visit. But what exactly happens during a pest control visit? We put together a guide to what one can expect when an exterminator first examines your property for pests.

6 Things to Expect From a Pest Control Visit

1. A full internal inspection

A pest control specialist will usually start by looking at water and food sources, such as your plumbing and your kitchen. They will also take into consideration how humid your conditions are and what sanitation problems you may be having.

Along with these initial inspections, a specialist will also look at actual pest damage in your home along with pest droppings.

2. A full exterior inspection

Do you have wide gaps or cracks around your windows or foundation? Is your roof currently in a state of disrepair? A specialist will look at these factors and the greenery that may be touching your home from the outside.

Termites in particular love to breed around stored firewood, so a specialist may also examine such areas of your yard.

3. Pre-service requirements

Most pest control companies will provide you with information before they visit. You may have to prepare for the visit itself by removing food items that may be sitting out, as well as dishes or objects that may be obstructing the specialist’s access to inspection areas.

4. In-depth planning

Most exterminators will not merely show up to your home. During the inspection planning process, the exact time and date will usually be decided for the appointment.

We recommend picking a date and time in which you will be home to answer any questions your specialist may have and to prepare your home before the inspection takes place correctly.

5. A review and report period

Most exterminators will take some time after the inspection is complete to compile their findings. This is often done on-site so that the specialist can discuss the next course of action with you in person.

Many exterminators will also put together a written report for you as well. Make sure you schedule your appointment on a day where you will be completely free and can take the time to discuss your pest matters with the exterminator after their inspection is complete.

6. An on-site discussion of your options

Pest infestations should be treated quickly, so don’t be surprised if your exterminator will want to discuss your different options are for treatment immediately after reviewing your case.

There are many different ways to take on all different types of pest infestations. If you have pets or children, you may need to look at options that are safe for your family, or possibly plan a period in which your family will need to leave home during treatment.

Need a Pest Control Visit? Third Coast Home and Commercial Services Can Help

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How was our guide to your first pest control visit? Do you feel a little more at ease? Tell us about how your first pest control visit went in the comments below!