Termites can destroy properties and make the home unsafe for dwellers. When they are not controlled or avoided on time, they can cause economic losses to property owners. To rescue property from such issues, consulting a professional pest control service company can be useful. Our company can apply professional practices for termite control in your homes or commercial properties.


We Offer Reliable Termite Control Services for Your Home or Business


When dealing with termites’ inspection is key. Third Coast Home and Commercial Services highly trained technicians know exactly what to look for on a structure. There are many different types of construction types and the untrained eye can miss termite entry points.

After you’ve subscribed to the preferable option, we will permeate your property with suitable treatment. We are always available to heed to your request!

Our Termite Control Maintenance Plan Break Down

The Plan

We understand how devastating a termite infestation can be. Hence, we’ve formed a team that can be available to put the issue under control commencing from the inspection stage to controlling stage.

Our ultimate goal is to make your home safe and comfortable. After we’ve applied the specified treatment, we devise several maintenance strategies to evaluate progress. We schedule visitations to check if termites remain existent in your home.


Third Coast Home and Commercial Services is a locally owned and operated company. We have over 10 years of experience in solving pest problems. We also offer same and next day services as well as:

  • Excellent Customer Service: We treat customers with a helpful attitude and also ensure they are satisfied.
  • Honesty: Integrity is the lifeblood of our business. We always strive hard to be transparent, honest, and accountable for every action. We adhere to industry standards while inspecting and offering treatment to the client’s properties.
  • Dependable Pest Control Solution: You can count on our experts to properly examine, monitor and report every case of your home pest invasion anytime, any day.


Is it possible for termites to infest a property through concrete?
Termites have limited potential to crack concrete, but they can penetrate through a cracked concrete.
Are termites harmful?
Yes, they are quite destructive. They can spoil your wooden materials and make a property uncomfortable for occupants.
Homes around me are infested with termites. Will my property be affected?
It can be. That’s why you need to act fast. The earlier you detect them the better. Request our free inspection service today!
How do termites infest properties?
Termites can invade a property through several means. Slabs , plumbing areas, weep holes and even expansion joints are few areas they can take to invade your home.
Do you offer a inspection service?

Yes. You can call us now to schedule an appointment with us.


Eastern Subterranean Termite Control

Eastern subterranean termites feed on organic material and often target paper, cotton, books, wood fixture and other tree-related substances in homes. A termite infestation in your home, office or commercial property can pose a considerable threat to your comfortable living, productive activities and welfare of your property occupants. Let us get rid of them before any further damage occurs.

Formosan Termite Control

This yellowish-brown bodied pest can be challenging to control. Just like the Eastern subterranean termite, the Formosan termite can go unnoticed for long periods. We understand their formation process and have the best tools to get rid of them from your property!

Drywood Termite Control

Dry wood termite can be destructive to your furniture and any related wooden object. Eliminating their infestation is entirely possible. They can be controlled either through spot wood treatment or structural fumigation. Trust our team for a professional and effective service!