In Houston, sometimes the fall and winter months can be quite chilly. Some snakes that live near your property may see your warm home as a sweet spot to thermoregulate.

You may also find snakes in your home if you’re dealing with arodentproblem, which should be taken care of by a professionalpest controlspecialist immediately.

So, what methods ofsnake removalcan the average homeowner use? Let’s take a look at some standard practices.

What To Do If There Is a Snake in Your House

It’s essential to note that if a snake has the appearance of common venomous snakes in the Houston area, you should NOT attempt to remove it alone. We’ll cover this more towards the end of our guide.

1. Broom and bucket removal

One common practice for getting rid of a rat snake or garter snake is to sweep it out. This tactic involves sweeping the snake with a broom into a sealable bucket. Snakes can bite when frightened or irritated, so always use caution and use a very long brush or snake hook.

2. Bag traps

Snakes enjoy feeling safe and having access to hiding places. You can lure a snake out from the undesired area by putting a slightly damp burlap bag in a dark and warm space.

You can monitor the snake, and once it is in the bag, tie it up and reintroduce the snake to its habitat away from your home.

3. Pick it up and move it (with extreme caution)

The garter snake and rat snake, which are two common harmless snakes native to the Southwest, can often be handled by hand. This would involve wearing long gloves, picking up the snake from the middle of its body, and relocating it outside.

This is a common practice for homeowners who live in areas where these harmless snakes are common.

However, this should not always be attempted. If you live in the Houston area, this may not be worth the risk. Some common snakes found in Texas include the Western diamondback rattlesnake, the cottonmouth rattlesnake, the Texas coral snake, among many others.

Since there are many venomous snakes in Houston, the risk involved with misidentifying a snake could be deadly. If you believe that the snake in your home is venomous, absolutely do not attempt to interact with it and call a professional.

4. Call a professional

While we’ve covered some ways to remove snakes without the need for anexterminator, the risk may outweigh the cost-effectiveness. Because of the population of venomous snakes in Houston, one should strongly consider vacating the home and calling an exterminator orsnake removal serviceimmediately.

Harmless snakes like garter snakes are pretty easy to identify. However, some non-venomous snakes and venomous snakes look very similar. Consider the risk involved when handling a snake alone.

Who Can I Call to Get Rid of a Snake in My Home?

If you have a snake in your home in the Houston area and have any suspicion that it could be dangerous, it’s time to callThird Coast Home and Commercial Services.

We offer a variety of snake removal services and will make it a priority to get a specialist to your home as quickly as possible.

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What do you think about our snake removal methods? Tell us about how you’ve dealt with uninvited snakes in your home in the comments below.