What’s the next action after your free inspection?

We schedule an appointment to eliminate your home pests.

What does your free inspection service entail?

Our free inspection services cover the assessment of your home pest issues, identification of related damages, the creation of pest control plans and answers to your queries.

What happens if I see pests after treatment?

Give us a call! We will repeat the service or recommend one of our maintenance plans.

Do your services cater to commercial properties?



What kind of mosquito control services do you offer?
Our control efforts are based on surveillance. We perform Integrated Mosquito Management, using targeted applications of very specific pesticides only after pre-determined thresholds of mosquitoes have been exceeded.
Do you only work in the summer?
Mosquito larvae will usually hatch in late February. By mid-March we are already investigating wetland areas we have cataloged. This service will continue through the spring & summer into the fall, depending on weather and current mosquito surveillance.
What do you do in the winter?
By cleaning ditches and streams, allowing the water to flow, we can discourage and eliminate mosquito breeding in areas, without the use of pesticides, and for extended periods of time.
What happens if I see pests after treatment?
Give us a call! We will repeat the service or recommend one of our maintenance plans.
Do your services cater to commercial properties?


Why do I need to use a professional rodent control service?
Our experts are licensed and trained to control rodents beyond the application of chemicals. They save you the stress and time of dealing with rodents in your home.
How often should I have my home checked for rodents?
A quarterly or annual inspection is recommended.
How much damage do rodents cause?
It depends on their level of infestation. However, the best action is to avoid them in your home.
How difficult are rodents to treat?
Our rodent control experts have all it takes to overcome several degrees of rodent infestation in your home.


Is it possible for termites to infest a property through concrete?
Termites have limited potential to crack concrete, but they can penetrate through a cracked concrete.
Are termites harmful?
Yes, they are quite destructive. They can spoil your wooden materials and make a property uncomfortable for occupants.
Homes around me are infested with termites. Will my property be affected?
It can be. That’s why you need to act fast. The earlier you detect them the better. Request our free inspection service today!
How do termites infest properties?
Termites can invade a property through several means. Slabs , plumbing areas, weep holes and even expansion joints are few areas they can take to invade your home.
Do you offer a free inspection service?
Yes. You can call us now to schedule an appointment with us.


Why did my pool’s sanitizer fail to work?
Such damages could be a result of swimmers or sometimes algae.
Why do I need to balance my pool’s water?
It keeps every swimmer safe and improves the overall effectiveness of your pool system.
How can I maximize the swimming experience in my pool?
It can be achieved by keeping the pool tile surfaces, filter, and water clean. Supplement products are quite useful in enhancing your pool’s experience. You can consult us for further information.
How often should I “shock” my pool?
Since swimmers and pool environment add waste to the pool, “shocking” your pool every 1-2 weeks is advisable.
What’s the price for your inspection service?
It is 100% free. Contact us for free inspection today!


What kind of repairs does your team perform?
This will depend on the nature of dirt and stains around your property.
What is the cost for each category of your home preservation service?
You can call for details at 281-713-0132.
How do I apply for your free inspection services?
Reach us via our hotline or contact form.
Do you also work on commercial properties?
Does your service cover the interior and exterior part of a property?