We’ll be honest with you–we didn’t have to do any surveys or scientific research to tell you that you don’t want rodents in your home.

It doesn’t take a biology degree to tell you that these rather repulsive creatures are ripe with disease and overall filth.

We’re willing to bet that just the thought of rodents crawling around your home sends a quiver down your spine.

Unfortunately, it’s wintertime in Houston, which opens your beautiful home up to being invaded by a unique group of filthy four-legged foes. These pests will be looking to use your property as a means to escape the chillier temperatures.

Below, is a list of five rodents who might become unwanted houseguests this winter:


1. Squirrels


Expect gray squirrels and fox squirrels to be looking for a home to warm up and rest their bones this winter season.

Of course, squirrels are adorable little creatures and not as loathsome as rats. But they can do some real damage if they get into your attic–as they’ll chew holes in your roof area, defecate throughout, chew electrical wires, and destroy insulation.


2. Mice


If only all house mice were as loveable a Mickey and Minnie. Sadly, they are not–as they’re quite repulsive when it comes down to it. They have filthy grayish/blackish fur and can grow as big as a shudder-worthy 7-inches in length.

A house mouse is also a carrier of Lyme disease, parasites, salmonella, typhus, and a multitude of other maladies. Much like squirrels, mice’s urine and feces will be dispersed throughout your home if you don’t manage an infestation ASAP.

Mice also habitually chew wires, walls, and any other piece of property in your home into which they can sink their sharp little teeth.


3. Roof Rats


Compared to other kinds of rats, roof rats are smaller and leaner. Making them athletic and uniquely challenging to catch because they’re tremendous climbers. They’re dark brown and black with large eyes and even more prominent ears, made hideous by their pointy noses.

While they only grow to 8-inches in length, roof rats’ have tails so long that they add 6-8 additional inches.

With access to your roof, these little monsters can get into walls and chew wires, which can spark a fire.


4. Norway Rats


Compared to roof rats, Norway rats are quite sizeable, measuring 9-inches in length with an additional 6-8-inches from their tails. These rodents are mostly brown with black hairs sprinkled throughout their fur.

Unlike roof rats, these little monsters can’t climb–but they are fantastic swimmers, meaning they fear no toilet.

Like any other rodent, these menaces will chew anything in sight while spreading a wealth of germs, disease, feces, and urine.


5. Deer Mice


A deer mouse is pale gray or dark reddish-brown. It has a long tail, which exceeds its head-body length.

Commonly, these mice hideout inside wall voids, corners, and tiny basement and attic spaces, storage boxes, or furniture.

They burrow into homes through holes that are a pencil in diameter to gain entry.

Deer mice can get into your cupboards and contaminate your food–and they carry just as much disease as the other rodents discussed.


Don’t let winter rodents ruin your home this winter, schedule a free inspection with Third Coast Home & Commercial Services today and we will help you figure out ways to make your house a safe place during this winter!