As a property manager, your day is filled to the brim with important tasks in maintaining your property. Keeping your tenants pleased and comfortable is at the top of your list. Even though you strive to have your property in pristine condition, one sight of a rodent or cockroach can land you in hot water with your tenants.

Tenants must always be kept happy. However, having to stop and address the pest issue will most likely put you behind schedule and delay your other projects that need completion and your attention.

By having professional pest treatments on the regular, you gain the freedom from missing upcoming projects and deadlines. Plus, your time is better spent attending to other priorities, and while doing so, you also increase efficiency. It is crucial to have a scheduled pest treatment program to maintain the upkeep of your rental properties.

Do you want to keep your tenants happy and property running smoothly? Let’s look deeper into 5 benefits and ways on how you can make this happen:

1. Preventive Measures

Putting into place a scheduled pest control treatment is a smart move for elite property maintenance. We train professional pest experts to assess conditions around your property that show signs of pest activity. Implementing a preventative approach before pests get out of control is the first step in keeping tenants happy and satisfied.

2. Actionable Measures

Pests come in all shapes and sizes. Large rodents to small cockroaches. Pests, either animals or bugs, have one thing in common. They can quickly multiply, causing you major headaches and money. Infestations happen, and before you know it, thousands of pests are lurking inside walls and creeping throughout your properties and tenant’s homes.

Taking precautions with regular pest treatments is an actionable measure in pest prevention. Treating the problem as soon as possible and with consistency is highly recommended before things get out of control.

3. Productive Measures

Stopping to attend to a tenant who spots a pest can take your staff away from their current workloads. This diversion puts your team behind schedule, which leaves things undone and it increases the chances of more unhappy tenants. Having regular pest treatment visits increases staff productivity and decreases tenant dissatisfaction.

4. Relationship Measures

Tenants want to live in a well-maintained property; they will not tolerate any shortcomings. As a property manager, your relationship with your tenants is vital to sound property management, full occupancy, and long-term profit.

Having scheduled pest treatments reassures your tenants that you are doing everything possible to make their lives comfortable and safe. It demonstrates your respect toward their health, living conditions, and surrounding home-environment.

5. Less Stress on You

Fighting pests is an ongoing, seasonal, long-term aspect of property management. Having a scheduled treatment program in place allows you to relax and gives you peace of mind in knowing your property and your tenants are being taken care of.

Happy tenants lead to less stress, decreased workload, higher property enjoyment, and most of all, property management profit.

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