Buying a new home is an exciting time in your life! New happenings are arriving, and you already have plenty to do to get your new home ready. Moving in and unpacking is what is currently on your mind right now. However, the last thing you need is to be bothered by uninvited new neighbors, pests. A pest infestation could stop you in your tracks when getting your new home ready.

Let’s take a closer look and examine five crucial ways to prevent pests infestation in your new home.

1. Outside Clean Up.

Look around your new home and remove any trash or clutter around your yard or in your garden. Clutter is a great place for pests to hide around your home. Sweep up leaves and remove any debris around your home. Accompany that with a proper trimming around any hedges or bushes away from your foundation. Pay attention to your gutters, and make sure they are clean. Gutters are a mosquito and pest haven.

2. New Home Deep Clean.

Buying a new home, most people jump in and clean everything before unpacking. Deep clean everything in your new home and pay close attention to closets and corners where pests can hide. These areas are often overlooked. Pests can take advantage of your indiscretion and will continue to lurk around your new home. Deep cleaning is the first step in making your new home feel like home.

3. Eliminate Standing Water Around Your Home.

Survey the exteriors and environment around your house for areas that could have standing water. Look at your outdoor gutters, faucets, birdbaths, plant pots, etc. Look for anything that could hold water. Mosquitoes love any areas with a standing water source because it is the ideal place for them to nest and lay eggs, which will likely cause you more pesky problems in the near future.

4. Seal Around Your Home.

There are many openings and crevices pests can find to breach into your home. Look carefully around your home for any cracks and vulnerable spaces that could allow a pest to invade. Look at your foundation, crawl space, basement, windows, vent pipes, dryer ducts, and siding joints.

When you find an area, seal the area with caulk or your preferred sealant. All these types of areas are entryways for everything, from rats, mice to ants.

5. Monitor Your Landscaping.

Walk your property and look at areas with mulch or loose wood around your yard and foundation. Remove any of these things, even piles of firewood left in your yard. Termites thrive in different types of wood, and they will take up residence in your yard and eventually end up in your home.

Moving into your new home is an exciting chapter for you and your family. Taking these five immediate pest precautions will help you resolve any potential pest problems before it even starts.

Have fun in the comfort of your new home and do everything you can to make your house and yard is safe and enjoyable.

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